Some New Hats

Today I spent some time working on a set of new hats for you guys! These will mainly be rewards for getting achievements in Arcade Mode, as we thought it's a bit boring to only receive Essence for everything: 

The Boar Hat
We wanted to try something new, and make hats that make it look like your head actually belongs to an animal. Our inspiration for this was the horse head that often appears everywhere on the internet, but so far we've stuck to animals present in the SoG universe :D

The Pecko Hat
As with the Boar hat, it's part of the animal thingy we tried out with the Boar hat. It may not look super much like a Pecko, but at least it looks like a bird?!

Santa's Beard
Actually we have so many beards already, but we somehow forgot about them or lost them in a bunch of folders... So this is actually like the fourth beard I've made, and it's made to resemble Santa's beard.

Red Slime Hat (Giga Version)
This hat has totally nothing to do with beating Red Giga Slime, nope. ;)

Snowbacca Hat
A regular hat and not a Snowbacca face, sadly (?)! Are you disappointed? Maybe we'll do a big Snowbacca mask for you later on. Or maybe not XD
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