Steam Capsules

Alright, so before jumping into what I believe will be the final menu edit (the character tab), it's time to start uploading the Steam graphics so we have all of that in place. As I'm sure you've noticed, a bunch of different banners are used throughout the Steam store, and each demo or DLC has to have all of the same banners, whew! 

So, here they are, the ones we'll use for now (perhaps we'll update them before actually releasing the finished game, we'll see): 

Regular Banners

Demo Banners

Hat DLC Banners
So yeah, we'll be having the "pre-order" Valkyrie helmet/hat as a DLC, so people who only purchase stuff through the Steam store have a chance to get it as well.

Honestly, it's gonna feel kind of ridiculous to offer a single hat as a DLC like that, but technically I guess it's kind of the same as buying the Rabby Tier (which we love when people do, obviously, every cent goes a long way in helping us stay afloat), and it would feel kind of unfair to people who can't get it outside of Steam to "ban" them from getting it..!

So that's the plan, hopefully we don't come across like super evil, full of ourselves AAA guys for offering it solo as opposed to bundling it with the game like with the Rabby Tier T_T
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