The New Character ID

The final (?!) menu edit is here!! This time, it's the Character tab, featuring a bunch of stats, your pet, and some other random info about your character! Let's begin with the old version:

SO TERRIBLE! There's brown EVERYWHERE, it looks boring, it's uninspiring... Nope, it won't do. I want more colors, more graphics, perhaps some additional for-fun info about your character. 


Here it is: 

Wohoo, the new ID! It's an actual ID, with a made up ID number that will be randomly generated for your character.

You'll also see your current Collector Rank (in the future we would like to have your character increase his/her rank by doing certain side quests, but for now it'll just be for show).

There's also your birthday (I just put in a random year for this mockup, not sure which year it actually is yet), and your Starsign, both which will be randomly generated (for now, at least).

The stats are the same as usual, though we'll remove HP and EP, as those are always visible through the GUI on top. We're also replacing Concentration, which is a stat you can't affect anyway, adding EP Reg instead. In this mockup, I simply removed the two lower stats, illustrating how many lines we need in the box after removing HP and EP, so the stats you see above will be a bit different once it's actually implemented.

For now, the image in the top left is the Collector's Emblem, but if we add actual ranks in the future we might use different medals or emblems symbolizing your current rank instead.

Yeah, I think that's basically it. Perhaps now I can finally go back to working on the next temple, wohoo! :D
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