The Small Things

Another bunch of small things, that are now live in the frontline beta as of yesterday! 

1. The Arcade Mode achievements for Temple of Seasons (which I previously showed here) have been changed from showing a winter room to an autumn room. The reason for this is simply because we wanted a bigger difference between the appearance of Temple of Seasons and the Seasonne (winterland) achievements.

2. You can now unlock the achievement for fishing all the Winterland fishes :D

3. When opening the menu, you typically see your character in the character box to the left, against a background representing the area you're currently in. Previously both Evergrind City and the Collector's HQ lacked such a background, leading the character box to show you as being in the Pumpkin Woods inside the HQ.. Now, that has been fixed!

4. I made a slight change to the Snowbacca hat, having it go down a bit further in the back. Perhaps a matter of taste, but I think overall I like the new look better.

5. There are now 3 new items (aside from the hats) that can be gained from unlocking achievements in Arcade Mode! First, there's a trinket that gives you semi-visibility, like a ghost. Then there's an item summoning a fae that follows you around, like Naniva in the story mode. And last, you can get a taming item that allows you to tame bees!

I had the drop appearances for these three items uploaded, but unfortunately we decided to change the look of them last-minute so you'll have to do without them for now.. :D
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