The Small Things

Time for another of those posts with a bunch of smaller things!

In order to properly complete the Temple of Seasons Arcade Mode floors, you've commonly had to progress to the first room of the next area floor before being sent back by the Mayor, who is there waiting for you. So far we haven't added that yet, as we've been missing two maps until recently!

First, the transfer map between Temple of Seasons and Mt:Bloom: 

Then the first Mt:Bloom room, where the Mayor will await you:

I've also been making some random improvements to the Time Travel area backgrounds I made before:

A doormat
Flowers in the bushes

New rocks, edits of the grassy edges
Oh yeah, we're also trying to make sure magic users have more equipment to choose from, so I put together a set of 'mage robes' that will be used to increase magic stats:

Next week I'll continue showing new backgrounds & portraits for the Time Travel area! Stay tuned~ :)

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