Fae Fixing

Alright, the Fae all have portraits now! But wait - some things are still missing or needs to be fixed! To begin with, this guy here:

In the cutscene where he gets frozen, you might have noticed that he has bangs! But on his portrait, there are none?! So what do? Fix it, of course:

Also, we're replacing the random "this fae is too shocked to talk to you"-type of message without portraits that happens whenever you try to talk to any fae after the above mentioned cutscene. Instead of random fae and that random message, we'll use actual fae that you can talk to once you started or finished the Temple of Seasons! 

As such, some of the old portraits needed uncomfortable expressions, while the fae who were made specifically for the cutscene needed happier expressions for when things aren't crazy anymore:

Also, one of the fae we wanted to have spectating the cutscene was this musician fae:

However, Fred had to go home to attend the wedding of one of his closest friends, and didn't have time to finish the sprite in time. Soo, I jumped in and made a sprite based on his previous fae animations:

I also changed the haircut of a summer fae, to better suit the portrait (old one to the left, new one to the right, basically they went from a pony tail to bangs):

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