Grindea on the Humble Store

We'll end this week, or rather, begin the weekend with going live on the Humble Store!

Grindea on the Humble Store

The mail correspondence has calmed down a little now, thankfully, so other than the fact that you can buy the game through Steam and the Humble Store now, things should pretty much be back to normal.

It's been a lot of fun to see the hype for the game increase again, with lots of new streams and Let's Plays to watch. If half of the people who contacted us actually end up using their keys, there should be plenty more coming as well!

I definitely feel refreshed after all of this. I'm so happy that we at Pixel Ferrets managed to entertain and bring happiness to others, if only for a few moments.

Some art assets I made for our space on the humble store

And now the adventure continues! 
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