Plans For the Near Future

Whew! It sure is warm in Sweden now, and when I say warm I mean CRAZY warm! At least that means it's a great BBQ season, and BBQing and planning our tasklists has turned out to be a great mix for us Pixel Ferrets.

This time around we've been discussing further details regarding the time travel temple! I can now reveal that this temple will begin with a mini-boss fight, which we also went ahead and planned ever so slightly. For now, I'll just say one word: fans (which, given the crazy heat around here, sounds about right).

We also made a checklist for the next few things I need to make for the temple, so here's what you can expect to appear here in the near future:

* Transform Zone01 outdoors to it's present state
* Past version interior for the house in the top right
* Present version 1st floor of the house in the top left
* Present version 2nd floor of the house in the top left
* Past version 2nd floor of the house in the top left
* More portraits!

However, we also realized some Fae portraits need to be changed or added back in Santa Fae, so I'll be throwing in a bunch of those here and there as well!

Oh yeah, and we've also decided to rework the Wind Slash skill! We never liked it very much and so we've decided to swap it out for another skill that we call Static Touch.

More info on Static Touch + a GIF showing it in action will be available in tomorrow's post. If you want a sneak peek of some of the other gold charges before the patch where they are available launches, head over to our official devblog later tonight :)
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  1. When I saw the word fans, I imagined having to fight a horde of fangirls / fanboys... I'm hoping that I am wrong, but at the same time... would be kinda funny :P