Small Additions & Fixes

Today we've been creating tags for each of the skills!

The tags we used & how we applied them to the Earth, Ice and Fire spells

The reason for this is that we've been planning to improve the current skill info box that appears on the left part of the menu. Currently it says something generic, and we had a bunch of ideas that we'd add a score system where we'd rank each skill based on how much DMG, EP-cost, and a bunch of other categories. 

We crapped that, however, and instead we'll be showing a bunch of tags in this way:

The texts used here are ofc super WIP, copy-pasted in Photoshop XD

So basically, for Frosty Friend it'll say Summon, Blocks Energy and Passive Effect, then whether it costs a silver or gold point to level. Our hope is that it'll be easy to get a quick overview of the skills without having to dig into "More info" on each and every one. 

Of course, each of the tags get their own background as well:

Other than that, I thought I'd mash in a bunch of other small things in this post.

For one, the "Waiting for other players"-box will be upgraded, since we basically thought the old one was too small and we needed to remake it anyway, so it'd be possible to translate the text within:

I've also been fixing a few of the portraits which went outside the dialogue box. If you see anymore like this, please let me know so I can find them and fix them too:

Lastly, I made a version of the Skills-icon in the main menu without the +, to make it more clear when you have a new level and when you don't:

I actually also went ahead and made a super tiny animation for the + since I figured such a small animation was possible to make even for someone like me who never animates! 
I guess it'll have to do for now ;D Time to get back to some portrait painting!
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1 comment:

  1. I'd describe Earth Spike as Long Range, Targeted with the option of Burst - I use ES as rapid close-quarter burst damage, at least. =) Maybe that's not how it's intended to be played, though...

    Crowd Control (or is 'Surrounding' CC?) for Whirlslash / Ice Nova, Draws Aggro (or Meatshield) for Frosty Friend and Combo for Piercing Dash / Dodging Strike.

    Maybe Kockback for Heroic Strike, Slam and Meteor?