Static Touch

So, as I mentioned yesterday, we decided to replace the old Wind Slash for a new skill called Static Touch!

When casting the spell, a number of cubes will appear around you:

When you hit something with your sword, these cubes will trigger and deal additional damage to the targeted enemy based on your MATK!

After a few hits the cubes will charge up, changing color and deal even more damage, an effect that stacks up to 3 times:

This effect will cancel if you take damage or if too much time passes.

If you have active cubes, casting the spell again will add x new cubes of the same charge level as your current cubes, but you can't get more than the amount you got when you first cast the spell. In order to max your DMG output with this spell, the trick is to keep refilling your cubes without losing the stacked charges by being too slow or taking damage!

We're much happier with this skill, as it's more versatile and works better when used in combo with other stuff. Hope you like it as well!
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