The Ambassador's House F2 - Past

Here's the first of the rooms we planned during the meeting I talked about this Monday! 

This is the top floor of an Ambassador's house, which will be available in both the past and the present, so I'll have another video up later where I turn this place into a mess... :)

The finished room!

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  1. Can't wait to steal those paintings, put them up in my own house and slam a sword through the face of anything that stands in my art thieving ways.

    Being an intellectual barbarian of fine tastes ain't easy.

    1. Haha, sounds like an awesome lifestyle imo :D

  2. Great job, looks awesome! Can't wait to run around like a manica attacking anything that looks fancy. Also love the new menu, really makes the menu look more alive!

    P.S. When will the option to have weapons and shields as a style be implemented?

    P.P.S. I found a bug so samll that I didn't feel like going throug the forum way of reporting it (Sorry, but this is way easier): I got a gift box from a gift box. :P

    1. (wow, I totally wrote a reply to this and hit send, let's hope I don't create duplicate answers now :D)

      Thanks man! The Sword/Shield styles will be implemented after we've released the next stable (once the gold charge skills have been bug tested enough), since they might introduce a bunch of new bugs! :)

      And we should probably fix that gift box stuff, haha :D Though I believe Teddy might have made this oversight because that's how it works with similar items in Ragnarok Online! Gets kinda weird when you try to open one of those boxes and keep getting new ones 2-3 times though :D