The Thing About Charlotte...

So, I told you there was something out of the ordinary with Charlotte's portrait, right? Well, here's the thing: she'll take on the appearance (color wise) of your main character!

While your dad remains static, your mom's skin- and haircolor will actually depend on how you designed your character. We thought this would make more sense than having two white people with black hair get a dark-skinned kid with pink hair, for instance.  

So, this is how it's done! Basically, I made three 'basic' versions of charlotte, one light, one medium and one dark-skinned. 

I then separated her hair, making a bunch of color edits until there was one "wig" representing each big color of our current palette (one red, one green, etc). After that it's easy for Teddy to add the new hair/wig/whatever on top of one of the three base sprites, changing Charlotte's hair color to fit your own character. 

Charlotte's haircolor mathematics..

And so, here's a bunch of random Charlotte's I made using this system. Which one will be your mom?!

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