A Different Kind of Day

Yesterday was a slightly.. different kind of day. Instead of spending most of it in the office, as we normally do, we actually spent almost the entire day travelling to Stockholm and back!

As some of you know, we live on an island, situated a bit more than 3 hours by ferry + 1 hour by bus from Stockholm. Yesterday, we went to the big city to meet up with a representative of Humble Bundle, who provide the Secrets of Grindea widgets on our website (we also sell Grindea through their store).

The Gotland Ferry

The meeting was a lot of fun, we talked a bit about some upcoming projects Humble are working on, and I got a fantastic opportunity to show off how terrible I am at using chopsticks (we had lunch at an Asian restaurant). Hopefully I didn't scar anyone for life!

On the ferry back home we managed to squeeze in some discussion of upcoming features in the game. Some of the subjects we touchup upon were:

  • The possibility of adding an Easy difficulty setting
  • Non-visual equips for Pets, boosting their stats or the exp they get from certain food
  • How to make gold points more clear (we have a few options for this now)
  • Whether Shady Merchant should take on a new job as a buyback man rather than accessory salesman

We actually prepared no less than 48 topics to discuss, but the early hours (we had to get up at 5:30) kind of took its toll and we only managed to get through 21 before we realized we were simply too tired to make any more important decisions.

Needless to say, I was pretty exhausted and actually managed to sleep for close to 10 hours(!) once we got back home. Travelling has never been my strong suit, I'm afraid.. :)
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  1. If Shady Merchant is a buyback man, he maybe needs to be moved somewhere less... prominent, I'd think? "You sold this unique item, maybe you want it back?" isn't exactly a vital role for being right near the teleporter. Maybe behind the library, or in some alley...?

    Who is going to replace him? Someone covered in all manners of jewelry? =D That'd be cute!

  2. We'd probably leave him where he is, seeing as the guys in the stands next to him aren't exactly super important people either, but more like optional and odd functions kind of guys! :)

    We have some thoughts about remaking one of the unused "normal" houses into an accessory shop, so that all real shops have a house (and sign) of their own :)