Bug Reports & Tiny Fixes

Did I ever talk about the semi-new system we have for bug reports? Basically, I'm now adding every single bug reported on the forums to a huge spreadsheet shared with Teddy & Fred, where I give it a title, description, link to the thread and priority (High, Medium or Low) which indicates how severe the bug is. 

As it turns out, going on a week-long riding camp means there'll be a lot of bugs to add to the spreadsheet once you get back... Thankfully I saved new reports in a bookmarks folder every other evening before collapsing into bed, so at least I had them all in one place!

In the end, no less than 45 new bugs where reported and added to the list, whew! I gotta say though, if it takes this long adding them to a list & naming them, imagine actually solving them all - poor Teddy! :D 

Anyways, I finished up the day with some other small stuff. Here's the pet feeding menu's "mana" changed into "energy", as that's the term we use everywhere else:

I also went over the Steam Achievement icons which had black bars, removing them o make them look a bit better (just a few shown below): 

Finally, I went ahead and updated the website graphics. Now the new promo-art characters are there rather than the old crappy ones: 

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