Hats & Masks

Today I've been making a bunch of hats, masks & other drop items for you guys to find! I mean, with a game called Secrets of Grindea, it would be a shame not to have enough items, right?

Above you see two new hats and three masks! When I made these, I didn't know what I was gonna do beforehand - I just thought about what would be cool to find (or craft) in and around Mt:Bloom and the Time Travel Temple/Town, since those places are what's coming up next.

The hats are pretty straight forward - if you've seen any of my previous work on Mt:Bloom, you'll know it's a cave filled with crystals and mushrooms. So why not be able to wear 'em on your head, right?

As for the masks, I took inspiration from a set of traditional Japanese masks. The Time Travel place is heavily inspired by different Asian countries, after all, so I suppose the items should reflect that as well!

The first one is inspired by a female Noh mask. These masks have become quite popular in a variety of Japanese stories, and one appears in a chapter of the manga Bride of Deimos, which happens to be a favorite of mine!

The second one is inspired by the Hannya mask, which also appears in Noh theatre. It has a more demonic appearance, and apparenly, the mask is traditionally supposed to represent a jealous, female demon figure.

I could have sworn that one of the male bosses in the first Fatal Frame/Project Zero (amazing game, btw), wore a similar mask though, but maybe there are other variants out there!

(I removed the hair for this one as it blended a bit too much with the mask)

Lastly, we have my take on the ever so popular Kitsune mask, which appears here and there in popular culture! Figured our game wouldn't be complete without one. :)

Next up in this blog will either be more items - some random equipment and housing items this time, or another portrait. We'll see!

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  1. They all look very cool. =) The crystal one reminded of the thing from The Sims games, but it's blue instead of green.

    If you're doing a tonof Japanese folk-lore-y hats and face gear, a Kodama-themed one would be quite lovely~


    1. Thanks!

      A Kodama styled mask sounds like a great idea! Love those cute little fellas in Princess Mononoke :)