More Items + Some Thoughts on Bugs!

As the title says, here's a bunch of the items that will be found in the time travel area as well as Mt: Bloom! Some are equips, some will be used to craft other things, and some are housing items!

Can you guess which item is supposed to be what?

Other than creating items, I'll be spending a lot of today adding bugs to and managing the bug list. I keep adding the bug reports to my bookmarks bar, but forget to actually add them to the list afterwards.

Good thing Teddy insta-solves a lot of the bugs as they are reported, rather than wait & look through the list, so the longer I wait, the fewer of the bookmarked bugs I actually have to add.. ;)

Speaking of bugs, there are two in particular that worry me right now, and that's the bug which corrupts character after game crashes, and the one where people are unable to start the game. Both are a bit too common of my liking, but hopefully we'll figure them out soon. I know that Teddy is gonna update the save feature in the next patch, so hopefully that will take care of the first one.

The other one, however... After doing some digging, it seems like it could be caused by a million different things, ranging from laptops choosing the wrong graphic card to a directX bug which can only be solved (for some) by deleting and re-adding certains .dll files. Both of those indicate that there's little to do on our end other than keep asking people to try a long list of possible solutions.

My wish is that we somehow figure out that the problem is on our end, and that it's fixable.
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  1. If you're looking for more asian-themed items to turn into equipment: - Baoding Balls, meditation balls. - The Japanese lucky cat. - Bamboo Leaf Package - Japanese fan - Komuso basket hats, worn by Japanese monks - Prayer beads