The Accessory Shop

As I mentioned before, we're gonna transform the current accessory salesman into a "buyback" man, who allows you to buy back any items you've sold to other vendors. Accessories will get a building of their own, which better fits in with the rest of the shops - after all, every other shop has a building and shop sign of their own.

The location we chose for the store is the town house next to the Blacksmith - it hasn't been used so far anyway!

We chose yellow as the roof color, since we've tried to keep all important buildings separated by color, and nobody uses yellow yet. Might change that around though!

Of course, no shop building is complete without a sign of their own:

It was quite a while since I did those signs, so it felt pretty surreal adding a new one after such a long time!

In the end, here's a mockup of the accessory shop in town:

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