A Look at Shady Merchant

As we mentioned before, Shady Merchant is graduating from his service as Accessory salesman, and getting his own niche: selling items that you have previously sold to other merchants.

As such, it's only fair that he gets his very own shop title:

But we're not gonna stop there! We've decided to implement a fun little visual thing about him. Namely, the more items you've sold, the more items he'll surround himself with. So in the beginning, he'll simply look the way he is right now, sitting on an empty carpet in the midst of Evergrind City. 

Once you start selling stuff, though....

Sorry for the terrible quality, Blogger kind of killed it haha!

So, currently there are 6 different steps where he has gathered more and more items (as seen above). We haven't decided exactly how many items you have to sell before he gets upgraded, but I image it won't take too long until you get step 1, while the later only will appear once you've sold quite a bit of items. 

Also, this won't give him any extra features or functions, it's simply a fun little visual that indicates how much he has to sell (after all, he only sells items you've already sold) :)

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  1. So we have to sell our unique items in order for the Shady Merchant to look cool? Or items we've sold in general?

    Or does he sell everything we've sold, including non-unique items? If I sell 50 honey to the merchants, will he have 50 honey to sell?

    1. The idea is that he'll sell everything you've ever sold, so yeah, he'd have 50 honeys to sell in that scenario! No need to sell unique items for him to upgrade his look :)