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Today Fred is leaving for Germany, where he'll stay for 1½ week visiting his girlfriend! Thankfully, he'll have access to a computer over there, so he can still work a bit - but it'll be hard to discuss and decide on important things for a while.

Because of that, a few days ago we went to our trusty fast food place and had another one of those meetings!
Since there's no image from the game in this post,
have one of my cats instead!

This time, we discussed what will happen directly after the infamous cutscene with your mother Charlotte, which Teddy will start implementing this week. As you might have heard before, there's gonna be a festival in Evergrind City, where you'll partake in a series of mini-games.

Well, during this meeting we decided to change some of the mini-games around a bit, and instead of our original idea with the entire thing being a long cutscene where you'll do mini-game stuff in-between, we'll probably allow your character to walk around freely.

This means that I'll have to create more festival decorations for the city, as I only decorated the areas around the mini-games before, so that's what I'll be doing next!

Some of the other things we discussed and are likely to try out:

  • Having a red aura appear beneath a player when s/he gets low health
  • Having an enemy type that silences the player, making him unable to use skills
  • A Bamboo sword that can be found in the Time Travel area
  • A quest which turns the café into an animal café, where you can buy enhanced pet food
  • Adding a health orb icon to the mini-map in Arcade Mode which remains until the health orb has been used
  • Some new types of Arena challenges, including PvP

Of course, there's no ETA on these yet - we're still focusing all our attention on the upcoming cutscene and festival. However, they've all been added to our to-do (or to-try) lists!
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  1. This is the best post on your blogg i've seen for a month. Mainly because of the cats, bat also because everything that might be implemented souns great, especially the pet cafe.