Hats, Part #1

So, hats (& other types of headgear) are one of the most important things of every game Secrets of Grindea, right? I recently did a few posts where I showed new batches, but so far I've yet to make any video recordings of creating them..

Sooo, I thought it'd be a fun idea to start recording my process, doing maybe around 4 each video and make a series of it, to see how many posts we end up doing before the game is actually done. 

Since creating a hat is quite fast business, I'll not speed the video up as much as I usually do, hopefully making it easier to follow along. As usual, I'll post the finished result below the video in each post, zoomed in to 300% so they're nice and big (easy to view any details).

What do you think? Let's try this out :)

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