Masks, Achievements & Minor Portrait Upgrades

Everyone loves hats, right? So let's start this post with the latest bunch of new headgear: 
Pretty basic stuff to begin with: a half-face mask, a flowerband and a common black hairband. Then we have a pair of green feelers for those of you wanting to channel your inner insect, and a mask that from the beginning, based on Anonymous suggestion, was inspired by the Kodamas, but ended up a juust a bit more symmetric than they typically are ;P

I've also made icons for a few new achievements (more to come):

The first two are, as you may guess, achievements you'll get for collecting 10 and 20 cards. The Slime one is an achievement for catching all pets, and the fishes for catching all fishes. 

The last two won't be implemented yet, as it'd be unfair if you could unlock them before all fishes & pets are implemented, but it's nice the have the icons made for when that happens :)

Finally, I tweaked the look of Clint Westwood a bit, and created a sad face for Robin, for when you refuse to try his awesome target practice mini-game: 

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  1. A symmetrical Kodama is just a Shyguy Mask from Mario. =P I assume there were complications when viewing it from the left/right?

    But, no, that's not it, is it? The Archer's Apple hat has asymmetry. Turn one direction and the arrowhead is facing the viewer, the other direction and the feather is.

    Either way, a Shyguy Mask is good too. =)

    1. Aha, of course asymmetry isn't a problem. I just noticed the half-mask. =D

    2. Honestly I just thought this looked better - when you don't have many pixels to work with, asymmetric shapes can end up looking TOO asymmetric, so basically it was really hard for me to figure out a shape that felt right ^^;