Queen Bee Testing!

This is what we're gonna be busy with today:

Inhouse-testing the Queen bee mini boss fight! Not only does she have way more hp and damage than regular bees, she also summons bees that are also stronger than the ones you meet out in the fields. And as if that wasn't enough, she has an attack where she spews slowing honey all over the map, and shoots stingers at you from far away!

This fight is gonna be incredibly hard to balance, because the bees are such an odd kind of enemy. If you know how to use your shield, they really aren't that much of a hassle, but for those who aren't used to blocking... Well, let's just say there's no doubt about which enemy is on people's #1 hate list. Yep, it's the bees!

So, it's gonna be a fine line between making this fight too easy for people wielding their shields like a pro, and too hard for others. Hopefully we'll manage to get it right after some tweaking :)

Right now we're playing around with the mechanics of the fight. In the beginning, we wanted people to focus on killing the Queen Bee's servants, and she'd only dive the player after they were dead (at which point you can damage her). The rest of the time she'd be spewing honey or sending flying stingers your way.

Now we're thinking it might be more fun if she dives now and then, and works more like the Sentry. That is, she'll summon more bees the longer you fight, meaning you'll either have to kill off some of her bee servants from time to time or you'll end up with a lot of bees on your hands!

The tweaking continues - wish us luck :D
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1 comment:

  1. I love the queen bee! So excited for an update :D Thanks for sharing your progress.