Sketching Away

Something I'm trying to become better at is planning what to do next & preparing for it properly. At times, I simply wake up, look at my tasklist, pick something and start working with minimal preparations. Sometimes this works well, sometimes my work tends to get a bit uninspired. 

Recently I've found that taking a break from the computer screen and sketching in a notebook helps a lot with my workflow. For some reason it feels much easier sketching freely and try out random ideas when it's 'just' a notebook, rather than when you've created a Photoshop document for the specific task. Afterwards, I have a clear idea of what I want to create and often it ends up looking better because I took some time sketching multiple versions. 

So, what have I been sketching recently? Hats, Hats & Hats! Here's a small selection of hats that may (or may not) appear in the future: 

Super detailed, right? ;) Well what matters is that it gives me an idea of what to create next, digitally! To end this post, here's a quick sketch of a new portrait as well: 

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1 comment:

  1. I see two variants of Ninja Face Masks there, don't I? =) Lin Mei's and Shady Merchant's? Those always looked cool to me, I hope they get added.

    Personally I'm holding out for a Zelda: Four Swords-style set of caps to rock around in. =D My friends and I can -finally- treat SoG like a Zelda game.