The Translation Suite, Officially Live!

Finally, the Translation Suite if officially live, which means it's now possible to create & download fan translations for Secrets of Grindea! 

Here's the finished interface, implemented and working in the game, rather than the mockup you saw before:

After playing with a translation for a while, you will be asked if you want to rate or comment on the translation:

Upvoting, downvoting and/or leaving comments on the translations help others understand whether the translation is a good one or not, so it's encouraged regardless of your opinion! If you select 'Of Course', you will be taken to the Steam page where all of this can be done, while still in the game client. 

Also, along with this patch, Mold Essence has been implemented! The title text isn't properly centered, and Teddy accidentally added the old Manage Perks-colored name bars instead of the ones I made for Mold Essence, but hey - it's possible to spend some of that essence on new style items now, and those things can easily be fixed in the next patch :)

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