Treasure Cave, Part 1 + Drops & Stuff

One of the major things we need for the flashback cutscene to be done is a huge cave filled with treasure, complete with the sleeping dragon Fred has been working on recently. 

As the prototype of the cutscene is finished and we know where everything will take place, it's time for me to start working on the background!

Above is a very crude sketch where you can see where every major event with the characters will take place. This is important to know so that they won't get covered by any props, plus it gives me a chance to design things strategically based on where stuff happens.

Once I know where the characters will be, it's time to make a super simple sketch where I add gold and trinkets of different kinds to the background. While I don't have to follow this to 100% once I start actually rendering stuff, it's a good way to feed my imagination and gives me an even better idea of where the props can and should be.

Third step is adding the actual walls and floor. This is the last step I do before I actually start rendering stuff, which I'll show in 2 more parts with videos included. Basically I spend some time copy pasting walls I've done before in ways that make them appear new, and redraw rocks here and there to make them blend better.

Some other things I've been doing recently is remaking a few drops, & creating new ones:

This is a bunch of tusks, honey and a royal jelly, which will all have a part to play in your upcoming festival quest :)

I also decided to polish good old Biggs a bit, as he was looking a bit weird and just a bit too girly (which still undoubtedly is the case, but whatever), and the balloon stand got some empty balloons in it (still waiting for actual balloon clusters from Fred):

Basically, things are slowly starting to come together, and now it's actually possible to walk around in a very basic version of the festival. Teddy keeps adding NPCs even as I write this, and we're confident it'll feel like a cozy little thing in the end!

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