Treasure Cave, Part 2

Part two of creating the treasure cave! Time to start drawing a lot of gold and adding trinkets to make it look more interesting. In this part I'll focus on the left part of the screen, and leave the right part for the next blog post :)

Here's a progress video, which also includes my previous sketch: 

And here's what the left side of the cave looks like so far:

Most of the small trinkets are items that were made previously, mainly found in the Accessory shop (which hasn't been implemented yet). Reusing small sprites like this is a great way to save time, especially when they're only there for decorative purposes and unlikely to catch the viewers interest for long.

Some things are created specifically for this cave though, such as the pillars, candelabra and the rod+crystal, the creation of which can be seen in the video above :)

In the next part I'll create the right part of the cave and tie it all together with some shadows & stray gold coins here and there!
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