Collector & Story Changes aka What happened to Morgan?

Some of you have been asking what happened to Morgan, who from the beginning seemed to be quite a follower of Marino, and now has kind of disappeared into the background. The answer is that we had some grand plans for Morgan in the beginning, but during the development of the game we made some changes that rendered him quite useless in that respect. And as such, we're officially removing his role as Marino's sidekick, and we'll (at some point) change his and Marino's early dialogues to fit with these changes. 

This is one of the problems with the way we're doing Early Access - things in the plot may change after you've already lived it, meaning people who play the same character update by update will get a slightly different story (most likely with more plot holes) compared to people who play it for the first time once the whole thing is complete. 

There are already a few things we wish to add to the beginning of the story, such as an additional cutscene & shield training after you first become a collector. However, right now our main focus is to continue the main story and get more content into the game, which means we have no idea when those things will be added. We've considered adding a bunch of such things - side quests, additional smaller main story elements and a whole lot of stuff to examine in the final update before we launch the game, hopefully motivating the players to replay Story Mode and live it the way we intended.

Ideally we'd of course get every story element right from the beginning, and so far we haven't really changed that much, but as the story gets more complex especially in and after the next temple, chances are pretty high we'll have to make tweaks here and there! 

I can only hope that people playing the game in Early Access will forgive changes like this that happens after they experienced something already, and give the story another go once everything is in place.

Anyway, in order for Marino and Luke to stand out a bit more, we're recoloring Morgan and Sally (who also complete the Collector's exam with you in the beginning), giving them their blue collector's outfits once they've taken their place as true Collectors in the HQ. This means that all collectors are dressed in blue hues, except for yourself, Marino and Luke, signalling that you're a bit different from the rest. 

We'll probably throw in a line or two to hang a lantern on this, such as Marino refusing to wear anything other than his own luxurious brand clothing! ;)

Morgan in his Collector's outfit

Regular Morgan's Sprite

Collector Morgan's Sprite

Regular Sally's Portraits

Collector Sally's Portraits

Regular Sally's Sprite

Collector Sally's Sprite

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