Festival Interface

We finally started implementing the mini-games! Or rather, Teddy has been working on it for quite a while now, but now it's time for me to help out by making graphics for them :)

First up is the strength challenge, where you're supposed to hit a sand bag (?) as hard as you can. You can't just simply hit it randomly, though! Instead, we're using an interface where an arrow moves up and down indicating how much power will be used when you decide to launch your attack. 

Here's Teddy's whitebox version:

And here's my take on the interface (we decided to go for a bit more minimalism in the design, no huge background as in his whiteboxed version :) :

Next up: fishing. While the fishing interface is already in the game, the fishing itself will work a bit different this time around. 

Instead of holding up each fish, after which it disappears into your bag, as is what happens with regular fishing, your fishes will be directly thrown onto tiny cloths, where they will pile up. The one with the biggest pile of fish in the end wins!

Here's Teddy's (100% bug free) prototype of someone fishing: 

And here are the cloths I made based on his temporary versions:

We're also working on preparing Evergrind City for the festival a bit. Instead of it simply starting randomly, we figured we'd add some hints at that it's coming when you return to the city after completing the Temple of Seasons:

Basically we added some balloons, half-done torches, someone hanging decorations, and the popcorn stand cloth before it's properly built. We also have plans to add someone blowing balloons somewhere, but we'll see! :)
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1 comment:

  1. Ah, a strength-bar contest. I think my favorite version of that was from Kirby Super Star, the Megaton-Punch minigame. You had three different ways of powering up your strike.


    The end result looked unique and amazing. =)