Finishing Touches

The festival is finally coming together! It's now possible to do all the mini-games, both in single and multiplayer, and as you may have noticed from the previous screenshots, Luke & Marino will be at the festival with you regardless of whether you play with friends or not :)

Mr. Plott's pride: his running challenge!

Haddock is hosting the fishing challenge!
I made a couple of additions this week as well (despite me thinking I was finally done with the festival, I know). Among them is another cutout, so everyone can stand behind one in a party of four:

Which one of you is the biggest chicken around here?

The camera (wo)man also works now, taking screenshots of you and your party 5 seconds after asking her to, so you have enough time to run behind one of the cutouts! :)

Again, a bunch of new portraits were made, though not all of them will be used for the festival: 

And finally, I've been adding (perhaps a bit too much) trash around the festival stands, adding to the sense of something festive happening:

Click to view full-size!

We may end up removing a bit if it ends up feeling too icky in the game, I mean, this is supposed to be a nice happening, not something that only makes you think about how incredibly messy the people of Grindea are :D

Here's to hoping we'll finally be able to update the Frontline beta with this next week! :)
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