Mt: Bloom: Living up to its name?

Remember Mt: Bloom? It's the cave system I've showed some progress on way back, and it's where you'll be going once all the festivities in Evergrind are done!

If you remember what it looks like, you might also know that currently it doesn't exactly look like what the name implies:

Not a lot of stuff blooming here, right? So we thought about it and figured I'd try adding a few flowers to the scene, trying to make the area live up a bit more to its name: 

I'm still thinking about adding more stuff, different kinds of flowers, perhaps bigger & more poisonous looking ones, as well as more vines, big ass leaves and stuff on the ground... Just trying to make the cave feel a bit more alive.

On the other hand, though, we don't want to overcrowd it, especially not with stuff you can't move over, making it harder to fight. We'll continue to experiment, I guess!

What do you guys think? More vegetation in Mt: Bloom - yay or nay?
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1 comment:

  1. I think the addition of vegetation in the cave system is great, I'd personally like to see more twisted, deformed strange plants and weeds and mushrooms as apposed to pretty pink flowers. Fantastic artwork as always, can't wait to explore Mt Bloom!