Mt:Bloom Outskirts 2

Time to make the second Mt:Bloom Outskirts map, the entrance to the actual cave! This map will be found to the right of Evergrind East, and you're gonna need the Season Change skill to pass through to the mountain. 


Basic Ground

Color adjustments, water & stairs

Trees & Mushrooms added with our editor tool

Grass, Bushes & Tiny Mushrooms

Grass & Flower Details

Finished map with some water decorations & vines

GIF of the work in progress :D
As with the previous outskirts map, this too will have more water details made by Fred (animations, yay), as well as a Season Change orb which will create some ice that lets you pass to the other side. I'll either make a tiny path down to the water where you can cross when the ice appears, or we'll do something more fancy, like a bridge or something, we'll see!
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