Mt:Bloom Outskirts - From Nay to Yay!

Now that we're finally starting to move towards exploring Mt:Bloom, it's time to revisit and improve the maps around that place!

A long time ago I made a map for one of the exits, which can be seen below:

Looking at it now, all I see is a very boring and uninspired map, which is in dire need of improvements. And so, into photoshop we go:

After adding a bunch of greenery, more mushrooms and vines around the map, it definitely feels like a much cooler area with more personality. It also fits better with the name of the mountain!

There's one more map like this that I need to make before you venture into the mountain, the actual entrance to it which hasn't been made yet. After that I'll return to the inside of the mountain, adding more greenery and flowers there as well. Stay tuned! :)

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