Portrait of a Master Priest

We'll start off this week with the stuff of last week: another portrait! I have some 'plans', or ideas for who this guy is and what his role will be, but I'll have to talk to Teddy & Fred about it first. 

Anyway this is probably the manliest guy I've ever painted, so I'm totally improving in that aspect, right?! Kinda hard not to be manly with a beard though... But on the other hand, Simon in Evergrind City has both a beard and moustache and he looks girly anyway. 

Being able to draw and paint manly man is definitely my biggest challenge as an artist right now, as it's, you know, a pretty vital thing to be able to do. I'll probably go back and redo a lot of guy portraits once I get a hang of making them look manly. So I guess, in like 5-10 years..! u_u

Line Art

Color Blocking




Finished Sprite

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