Secrets of Grindea OST

Great news guys! The Secrets of Grindea Original Soundtrack is now available as a DLC for the game! A lot of you have asked for it, and now we deliver. The songs are all made by Andrew Riley of Lucky Lion Studios (who also has some pretty cool royalty free songs available on his side if you're a gamedev looking for music)!

The majority of the share from these sales will go to our awesome composer so he can create even more epic songs for us, so please go ahead and support him - he deserves it! :D

Of course this means a bunch of new splash art stuff had to be made:

The soundtrack is split in two parts - the regular OST and the Arcade Mode OST (both are included in our purchase): 

Basically, the Arcade Mode OST contains remixes of the field themes from Story Mode! Oh, and since the game isn't done yet, the soundtrack isn't either - more and more songs will be added as they are made!

I really love our OST, and I hope you do too! Look at all those songs, 31 already + remixes! Totally worth your $5 (and more, to be honest) :3
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