Sound Effect Requests

Now that the festival is finished and launched into beta, it's time to start requesting sounds (and songs!) to go with it. Typically when we request a new batch of songs, what we do is make a list of every single sound we can think of that we might need. This usually tends to be a list of all the animations that have been done + a few ambient sounds.

Once the list is done, we go through it, decide if we need all the sounds or if we can reuse some from other places, add any sounds we may have forgotten and divide the list between our two sound designers.

Here's part of the list we made for the festival batch. Included is also a bunch of sounds for the gold charge skills, yay!

Then, in order for our sound designers to know what they'll be making a sound for, Fred starts recording tiny clips of all the events needing sounds, then putting them together into two longer clips which we then send off to the sound designers.

Typically it looks something like this, but goes on until all the effects needed have been shown (and is in much higher quality, haha):

And then, we wait until we receive the batch, which takes anywhere between a few days to a couple of weeks depending on how busy they are!

For now, Teddy is busy dealing with bugs related to the Festival, but I know he's also slowly starting to work on the next boss battle... Which involves familiar faces. And of course, that means we need a new boss portrait...!

....But we'll save all that for next week, ok? ;)
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