The Black Ferrets Battle Prototype

Doing battle with those dang Pixel Ferr- I mean, Black Ferrets! This boss battle is actually coming around quite smoothly, and we only have a few minor tweaks (and multiplayer support) left before it's done! :)

Here's a bunch of gifs showing the battle in action:

As you can see, they've been upgraded with a few new attacks! The one where Teddy and Freddy throws their swords at one another is probably the most important one, and it comes in many different shapes, growing more difficult the closer you are to beating them.

The third one, where they disappear in a cloud of smoke, also have them change places. The main danger with this one is Vilyas attack, which is super large and hard to avoid. In other words, you need to quickly get away from wherever she appears!

Excited yet? So are we! :D
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