The Festival Patch is Live!

As the title says, the festival patch is now live!

Young dad is young!
It starts off with no less than 7 minutes worth of cutscenes (yikes!), one of which tells some important background info on your parents history. It'd be interesting to know how long it takes to watch all cutscenes in the game so far, cause these didn't feel like 7 whole minutes to me! We're gonna have a really long movie by the end of it, it seems.

My character Masken, who has spent 189 hours bug testing the game so far, enters the festival!

Once those are out of the way, you're off to fight a mini-boss and do 3 different mini-games. Once you've completed them, the plan is that your dad will get a quest triggering the next set of events, but for now you can talk to Quinton instead, who will teleport you back to Evergrind City's pre-festival state.

As you won't be able leave the festival, this has been added while we complete the next step in order for you to be able to continue doing side quests or grind items. It also gives you the opportunity to retry all the festival mini-games by triggering the festival all over again.

Protip: If you want to rewatch the flashback cutscene, type /dragonreset and if you'd like to rebattle the Queen Bee, type /beereset :)

I'd love to hear your feedback on this update - what do you think of the flashback cutscene and the 'reveal' about the artifacts? Did you have fun with the festival? How do you feel about Luke & Marino? And of course, the Queen Bee - balanced? Too hard? Too easy? With a bee boss, I'm sure we'll have opinions both ways!

Oh, and keep in mind - we lack a lot of sound effects (+ one or two songs) for this to be truly complete, but we didn't want to request them before everything was ready!
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