A Mixed Bag

Now that all the greenery is in place in Mt. Bloom, it's time to make sure the sprites are sorted correctly. For those of you unfamiliar with that stuff, it means that we need to place the sprites in a way so that if your character, for instance, is standing in front of a mushroom, he or she will also appear in front of it rather than have it floating on top of him/her, which can happen if they're sorted the wrong way. 

This is done by putting each of the sprites onto the map with our editor tool! Sometimes I use this tool from the beginning, leaving areas where trees and other decorative things would normally be blank, only to add them with the editor once everything else is done. This time, however, the sprites needed hadn't been added to the editor yet, so instead I added them temporarily with Photoshop.

So, what I need to do now is to lower the transparency of the layer with all the decorative things, and add the correct sprites on top of them with the editor instead:

It takes a bit of time, and in hindsight I probably should have just waited for the sprites to be added to the editor rather than putting them there with Photoshop first. Oh well!

Next up, we're playing around with adding stone tablets with arrows pointing to nearby doorways, to make it a bit more clear that there's a door there and not just another wall. We're also considering adding a light effect around the doors, at least those facing left, right, and down, as they are the ones that are easily mistaken for walls. Obviously this doesn't make logical sense for doors that don't lead outside, as there wouldn't be any light source causing it, but if it helps make it clear where the doorways are, it could probably be worth is despite that lack of logic.

Anyway, here are the stone tablets:

And here's what one of them could look like next to a door:

Next up, I decided to add some more details to the bridge from the other day: 

I made the actual bridge a bit longer on one side, added more details to the rocks, and a little bit of greenery on and around the statues!

Lastly, as some of you noticed, the stone cutter finished her work with the Rabby statue outside the HQ during the festival, only she started working on it again once the festival ended?! This of course needs to be fixed, she can't be allowed to work on an already finished project! 

Instead, she'll be resting in town, expressing her disappointment with the pricing in Belmont's café, which explains her less happy new expression:

Next up, I have both a ton of backgrounds, but also quite a few portraits to make! Gonna be hard to decide what to do first :D
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1 comment:

  1. Nice work.

    When the time comes that you need towork on the desert I assume that there won't be that much to do/ add content or sprite wise than with Mt Bloom since these three maps already look pretty much finished and fleshed out with neat details.