Bridge Detail

In this post I'm going back to add something that's been missing from the first Mt. Bloom map, the ruined bridge that used to lead into the village you'll be exploring with time travel! Since it's fallen apart over the years, you'll have to find a different way through the mountain :)

Here's the part of the map where the bridge will appear:

As usual, I start off with some line art sketching! I basically just played around until I got something I thought looked cool:

Then it's on to the statues! I forgot to take screens of my work with them, but it's pretty straight forward like everything else. Going from flat colors, to adding shadows, to adding highlights:

Then I do the same with the actual bridge! Starting our with flat colors. On the screen below I've also started adding a few shadows & highlights around each rock:

Then it's on to adding more shades and the crystals on the edges:

Finally, some color adjustments, adding moss & other small details! I also changed the position of the whole thing a bit:

And here's a GIF of the whole thing:

Tomorrow I'll post a bunch of item drops for the enemies of this cave! Stay tuned :D
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  1. Shouldn't the statues be more... destroyed? They seem untouched.

  2. Why? The Goddess statues around Grindea are untouched.

  3. But these don't look like goddess Grindea statues, sooo...

  4. I didn't cover them in moss or ruin them as I wanted them to stand out more, having the player notice them clearly for what they are, rather than being a piece of random ruin in the background :)

    With that said, perhaps they stand out a bit *too* much now. A little bit of moss or so couldn't hurt, I suppose ^^