Caveling Variations

It's a new Monday everyone! Here's to hoping the news reports around the world will be a little more positive this week :) 

I'm sure none of you missed all the terrible reports on terrorism and stuff the last few weeks. Even though I spend 99% of my time in front of the computer in my home in (hopefully pretty safe) Sweden, it's terrible to imagine the horrors that happen all around the world. I hope things will settle down soon, and that all of you are safe!

Anyway. Over the weekend I made a bunch of variations for the Caveling portrait I posted last week: 

Click to view the bigger portraits
Sprite versions :3

There will probably be more of these guys in the end, but for now there are two basic ones, one "elder" and a guard of some sort. The later two will play a part in getting you into the next temple... :3

Oh, yeah! Look at how cool and fancy our office door looks now:

Fred had a friend over last week, who gave us these signs as a gift. Guess we should keep adding more game signs for every new one we make?

...Just gotta finish this one first! :)
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