Finishing Touches

Currently we're working with the finishing touches of the next frontline update, in which there will be another boss battle and an investigation of some sorts! 

Once you've completed that step, the festival is officially over, so therefore we're currently playing around with how many of the decorations should remain after it's done. At first we tried removing all of them, having Evergrind City go back to it's original self, but it felt a bit empty and weird to have everything gone without a trace. 

Evergrind City in it's festive state!
 Currently this is our setup:

Basically there's some trash and balloons remaining, as well as a few of the torches. We also kept the chicken cutout, so you can play around with that for a while longer!

The sprite of an item that will be found in the next patch!
Meanwhile the boss battle, which you know will be another Black Ferrets encounter, is coming along great. We've been working on some decorations for it, where the candles and bushes will get cut down as you fight, causing an even bigger mess of the HQ! Once this has been finished and tested in multiplayer, there's just a few cutscenes left before the frontline beta is updated once more.

We're also implementing a bunch of sound effects (not sure if they'll be live with this patch of in one of the upcoming ones), as we've started to receive them from our sound designers! This means a lot of going through sounds and picking which ones we like and which ones that need to be edited.

So basically, we're pretty much all over the place right now in terms of getting stuff ready for the next update! You'd think game development is all about drawing all day if you're an artist like me, but since we're only 3 people a lot of other things fall on our to-do list as well :)

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