More Finishing Touches & Mixed Stuff

Yesterday was another one of those all over the place days! We got some more sounds that we had to go through, and some of the ones we went though a few days ago have actually been added to the game already (yay)!

Fred is working hard on giving Wedge some clean-up duty in the HQ:

...which might be needed, given the way things look right now (not to mention the mess inside Ivy's office):

Speaking of Ivy's office, one of the tasks you have in this patch is to investigate the mess that was left by the Black Ferrets break in. As I'm quite ahead in terms of background art etc, it fell upon me to write some text for a bunch of the things you investigate.

Aside from drawing, writing has always been a big hobby of mine so I'm really happy I get to combine those two interests in game making!

Finally, another thing relating to text and art, the zone title for Mt.Bloom: 

The outskirt maps will be nameless, like the map where the entrance to Flying Fortress is found before it takes off. While you will not be able to visit these places right now, it's drawing ever closer! After this patch (which is scheduled to be live today or tomorrow) it's full speed ahead to Mt.Bloom :)
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