More Prototypes!

So, as we mentioned a couple of days ago, we wanted the big flower in the flower challenge to have some kind of special attack to change up the flow of battle, and we came up with 2 different ideas:

#1 - A beam spinning around the room a few times while you still have to manage enemies & poisonous flowers spawning. In this version, the battle continues like always, but you have to move around with the beam or take damage from it:

#2 - The same beam as above, but the normal enemies are removed and a bunch of other flowers spawn that explode and cause projectiles to fly all across the room. Basically, more bullet hell (though not as extreme as say, GUN-D4M or Phaseman):

We were quite divided on which one we preferred, but after trying them both on a few friends, I think we all agree that the second version is better. It gives you a nice break from managing the poison flowers, which can get pretty stressful when you have to do it for a long time.

Of course, the graphics are still very much WIP, the bullet hell flowers will have a different look (or color, at the very least) and we're currently working on having the projectiles be a bunch of seeds instead! :)

We also started working on the gas effect for the third challenge, where you'll have to battle your way through a poisonous room:

There will probably be some kind of poison effect added around the borders when you're in the gas, to put emphasis on the danger of the area, but I definitely like the look so far! 

Gonna be interesting to try these three challenges in their finished forms :3
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1 comment:

  1. Heh and just as I was about to write that the projectiles of these exploding flowers and the "Beam" of the big flower should be different I read that these projectiles would be replaced. I hope both the projectiles from the flowers as well as the ones representing this beam are going to be seeds. :)

    As for the poison room I also read an interesting suggestion with swinging and smashing traps in a previous comment somewhere. I think this would be a good idea as it's once again a new element added to the game and that keeps it fresh and varied. :) Another idea I have could be rolling boulders.