Mt. Bloom Meeting

This week, our favorite fast food chain (where we typically hold our meetings) introduced a new version of their french fries, one drenched in cheese, bacon and onions(?)! Of course, we always have a lot of things to talk about, so we went there to try them out and make some more plans for the game.

Fred & Teddy waiting for their food
As you may have guessed, the focus for our discussions this time was Mt. Bloom, or more specifically: the items you'll find there, whether they will be found, rewarded or crafted, what enemy will drop them or their ingredients and how they will work. We also brainstormed a bunch of side quests and mini-bosses!

A bunch of notes about our side quest ideas in my 100% neat & elegant handwriting

First up though, we thought about the possibility of upgrading potions! The idea is that you'll get a quest where you have to do something special or collect a set of items for each potion, which allows Remedi to create more powerful versions of that particular one. 

We also thought about whether we'd add more odd variants of the potions, like acid coating for your sword and the like. Nothing set in stone yet in regards to that, but I think it would be fun!

For the items, aside from the usual random loot we came up with a couple of new hats & headgear that I'll be making in the coming days - a mushroom hat, larva face and multiple crystals to wear on your head, made from a bunch of the single crystal hat I posted earlier. We also thought about a few new weapons (a mushroom weapon and pick axe), and a mushroom shield that has a ton of HP but will spawn blinding mushrooms around you when it takes damage!

Of course, all of these are subject to change depending on how they look or feel in the context of the game :)

Random sketches created during the meeting
In terms of side quests, we want to make some sort of quest where you'll protect either one or a bunch of miners from some kind of thread while they dig out one or multiple crystals. Kind of like the quest with Remedi, only your subject are static and need to finish a task before you make it, rather than moving around the map. Perhaps you'll protect them from flowers that threaten to spawn around them, or you'll have to direct Spinsects away from them..

We've also planned a semi-hidden mini-boss, kind of like the Elder Rabby, that spawns when you do something I probably shouldn't spoil (though I suppose this blog is already filled with spoilers)!

Another quest idea we have is one where you're asked to collect a set of lost mining gear, so you'll have to explore the cave systems and find them in various places and through various means.

We also have yet another version of everyone's favorite side quest: chicken herding, odd as it might seem in an overgrown cave!

Now, as for the most important question - what I though about the new fries? ....I'm sad to say that I'm not exactly impressed. Better luck next time!
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  1. Hey there. :)
    I love fast food myself every now and then. Though I prefer Burger restaurants to big fast food chains like McDonalds or Burger King.
    These sketches look cute. We haven't seen the worm thing with the spikey tail yet. :D
    Show us a sketch of the third main boss. :P Nah, just kddin'. But could you at least answer if it's going to be an Asian themed boss. If the third dungeon is Asian (and apparently undead) themed it would be nice to see an Asian boss. Something you would find in Ninja Gaiden (Jaquio in Ninja Gaiden 1 was a really awesome guy despite the game being as hard as it is).
    But if the boss is an Asian magician who's responsible for the undead curse or an Asian Samurai/ royal/ major/ whatever, a human basically that received once again power from an ancient artifact (maybe even the artifact looks Asian themed, like a Samurai Helmet) that would be great.

    So yeah can you confirm at the very least if the final boss of that area is Asian themed? :)
    Also speaking of Asian culture in MtBloom and giving the fact that you'll probably need to work on quite a few portraits, could you give these people there Asian eyes as well? :)

    1. McDonalds is pretty nice too, I've had a fair share of McNuggets from there to be honest XD

      We're still discussing how big the undead theme in the asian dungeon will be, it might be that the boss is the only one ending up as undead in the end, as she has a very particular reason for being so... ;) But we'll see!

      The main boss of the dungeon will actually not be particularly asian themed, but rather our take on a very popular fantasy & gaming creature.... I'll share more once we get around to creating some assets for it :D

  2. Oh, the main boss is a vampire, I see. A vampire is very popular these days as a lot of really good TV shows (The Originals, Vampire's Diary, Twilight, Underworld etc.) feature vampires and a vampire can change size by tranforming into different forms... a wolf (as classic Dracula could), bats or a giant batlike demon. :P

    Just my theory there.
    Anyways, what I'm interested in is the following: You're drawing a lot of sprites and portraits and rooms, whereas Fred is responsible for animating stuff and coding etc. So I guess Ted is basically responsible for the level design and the story aspects of the game?
    Do you also design levels like drawing the basic layout of rooms for a dungeon or thinking about a certain challenge?
    What are the main aspects of game design of all three of you devs? :) Just interested as you can guess a lot by reading blogs but it's never been stated officialy as far as I know.

    Also is it just me or does you blog have a German Internet adress? (
    I thought you were Swedish. O_o

    1. Haha that's an interesting theory! I guess we'll see if it's correct ;)

      As for our roles, I'm doing all the backgrounds, portraits and other static sprites (such as the interface, drops, equipment etc), Fred makes the enemies & NPC sprites and animates them and everything else that needs to move and Teddy is the programmer, responsible for every single bit of code in the game! :3

      The level design and story is something we create together. For an area we'll typically brainstorm and discuss cool things we'd like to have in it (like side quests etc), then me and Fred will make a sketch version of the map each, which we combine the coolest elements from. Sometimes, for less important maps, I make a sketch version alone and the others comment on it and we make changes accordingly :)

      The story is something we've discussed a lot during our unhealthy fast-food meetings, so it's a product of all three of us XD A lot of the actual writing is done by Teddy as he adds NPCs or cutscenes to the game, but I'm writing a bunch of things every now and then as well.

      Challenges, side-quests, mini-games and even bosses are all things we tend to think about in our free time, and then suggest to the group at a random work day or during our fast-food meetings. If we're lucky, the other two will also think it's a great idea (or come up with something that improves it) and it'll be added to the game :3

      So basically the design aspect is very relaxed ^^ It probably helps that we're all very good friends, so making the game together and coming up with ideas is a lot of fun!

      The address changes depending on which country you're from, for me it says :)