Mt:Bloom in Full Bloom, Part 1

Sooo, next up: adding greenery to Mt:Bloom, so it actually has something to do with its name rather than being yet another random cave!

Remember this first map, that I showed you the improvements of a couple of weeks ago? 

If you remember the old version, you can see that I changed the colors of some of the flowers, added more moss and some grass!

Now all I have to do is to add similar decorations to the rest of the map:

Here's the old map, without the added greenery:

And here it is with lots of added moss, flowers and vines:

What do you think? Is it an improvement? Too messy? Not enough? Feel free to share you opinions! :)
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  1. This is looking awesome. :)

    I have a few suggestions. Maybe you like them.

    1.) I'd add a few more rather exotic flowers to this map. For example plants that look like big green spores. I don't know if these planned challenge rooms take place on these maps but you mentioned in an older post that there's a poisonous room planned where you would have to collect health orbs and get through the map. Maybe certain flowers could be the reason for the poison. These would resemble said spores. Plants that look like green hairy blobs with an opening on the top that spits out poison. ;)

    2.) Maybe you could add a type of plant with a nice visual effect, basically illuminating plants that send out a light or that have a light in them.

    3.) Aside from the poisonous flowers I'd love to see other plant enemies. There are already some plant enemies in Evergrind Fields but these ones could be different visual and attack wise. You mentioned flowers having negative effects on the player. One suggestion would be a plant that reverts the controls. If you press up you move down and when you press right you walk left. Or other attacking plants (not all of these need eyes).

    4.) Finally one last suggestion. What would you guys think of a plant themed boss? It would make sense for an area called Mt Bloom after all. I think it would be awesome to fight a giant plant here. It could be something similiar to the giant Piranha Plant boss in Yoshi's Island where the plant has several smaller heads and one giant head as well as thorny vines all over the room. Or it's a giant plant in the middle of a big arean that is mostly stationary and can spin around on its place. If you don't know what I mean think of the giant flower in Titan Souls. So yeah... an interesting boss battle against a giant plant (that would also appear in the MtBloom Arcade Mode maps as a possible boss fight) would be super awesome. :)

    So yeah here you go, quite a few ideas/ suggestions. Don't know, maybe you like on or the other. :)

    1. A lot of great suggestions! Thanks a lot :D
      Fred is scheduled to create a bunch of exotic flowers that cause odd effects later on! He'll make those as they need to be animated :3

      I really like the idea of plant enemies and bosses too, we'll see what we can come up with. At the very least, it sounds great for a side quest or two :D