Mt:Bloom in Full Bloom, Part 2

Now that the first Mt:Bloom map has gotten the proper greenery, it's time to spread the love to the other two indoors cave maps! Here's another one getting it's share of bushes & vines:

The complete cave, before the additional greenery:

The complete cave, after the additional greenery:

Phew! Only one more to go now, but I'm saving that for another post! :)
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  1. Very, very awesome work. One thing I love about those maps are all the little details on the cave walls. ll the different statues and paintings are just wonderful. Hope to see some of those on map 3 as well.

    I have a feeling that these four small stones with the holes around the big stone face need to be filed with certain stones/ crystals in order to make something happen. :) I assume these crystals are gained by passing the challenges that you mentioned in an earlier post.

    I would love if the 4th challenge would actually involve a boss fight. :) It's always great to fight a boss in the actual field area or in a mini dungeon before the actual temple/ main dungeon of said area just like with the Toy Machine in Seasonne. I've got my fingers crossed that there's also a boss fought before entering the Time Travel Town. Maybe it's the giant dragon from the treasure cave or a giant plant that I mentioned and suggested in my comment on your previous post.

    Finally I do have two questions and one suggestion:

    1.) Will these planned challenges (poison room, a battle room with flowers that have certain status effects on enemies and the player, crystal bug mini game with avoiding traps) take place on different maps that are specifically created for those challenges or will they take place on these maps that you posted yesterday and today? Cause you know you can never have enough maps fo an awesome area like this. :D

    2.) Is there a boss battle planned right now that takes place before entering the third dungeon - the Time Travel Town? It would be so awesome if that's the case with the challenge rooms being their own "mini dungeon" of this area just like the Toy Factory that has a boss fight at the end.

    3.) If the treasure cave lies within Mt Bloom I'd add some plants there as well behind all that gold just to show that it's in the same mountain. :)

    1. Thanks for your comment :D

      1) The challenges will be in rooms of their own, specifically designed so they work well :3

      2) There is a boss battle planned before you enter the third dungeon! It's gonna work a bit different from toy factory, though. First you'll have to find the three challenge rooms throughout the cave system, and once you completed them you'll unlock the boss fight :)

      3) It's not the same mountain!

  2. Thanks for the answer. :)
    It's awesome to hear that there's a boss battle planned before the third dungeon. It would be even more awesome if it's the creature seen being drawn on the floor that looks like a "fairy dragon". But I'll let myself be surprised there.