New Patch in Frontline!

(oops, I was 100% sure I had scheduled this to be posted automatically yesterday, but apparently not!)

Wohoo! The next patch has gone live for frontline users! Are you ready to battle a bunch of annoying bandits, overhear a strange dialogue between Ivy and the artifacts, and explore the mess her office has become?

The most important part in this patch is probably the fight with the Black Ferrets, and we need your feedback! Is it too easy? Too hard? Do you like their new attacks?

Also, the other cutscenes and the investigation - are you intrigued? Bored? Is the story coming along in a way you expected, or is it better or worse than you thought so far?

Now it's finally on to implementing Mt. Bloom and its enemies! Also, a bunch of new character is set to appear, so I guess it's yet again back to portrait painting for me :)
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  1. the battle was really fun and i'm really excited for mt.bloom, keep up the great work :)

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