Preparing Entry

In order to actually get into Mt. Bloom, you need some way to get over the water in the outskirts map! Since this area comes after the Temple of Seasons, we wanted to have the player use a season orb to get through to the cave system. 

As such, we needed a season orb, and something for it to do! And in this case, we want it to create an ice bridge and some surrounding snow. While Fred will animate the bridge, I'm gonna prepare the surrounding area, adding some snow and ice!

Step #1: Giving the vines near the entrance an icy shades!

Step #2: Adding some snow :3

Step #3: Decorating the snow appropriately:

Step #4: Editing grass & bush colors to fit better~

Step #5: Mushroom details & ice hanging from the cave entrance!

Step #6: Having the water freeze underneath what will be the bridge:

Step #7: Adding some decorative ice spikes :3

And here's a GIF of the process:

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