Background Details

 Time to briefly return to two of the backgrounds I've been making recently! First up, the one with the large statue:

As you can see, the stone rings look pretty empty, and there isn't exactly a lot of moss or greenery around the statue, which IMO makes it look a bit out of place. So, I decided to do something about it, and added a new type of crystal in each of the rings, as well as a ton of moss and greenery around the statue!

Secondly, it's the Spinsect map! We talked a bit about it, and thought it would be cool to add some holes in the wall, from where the occasional Spinsect could look out!

Here's a quick gif of the process:

And here's the background with the new holes, as well as the rock you'll be breaking with the help of the Spinsects, made by Fred:

Now we're off to assemble a couple of new chairs for the office that arrived today! IKEA power, wohoo! 8D
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