Flower Challenge - Chest Room BG

Just a heads up - I'll cut this week short (last post should be on Wednesday), for some much needed Christmas holidays! I'm going to visit my parents for a few days, before coming back here to celebrate the holidays. So after Wednesday there will be a bit of a break until early January or so. Just thought I'd let you know!

So! One more background needed before the Flower Challenge is complete - the room you gain entry to once you beat the challenge!

In this room you'll find a chest with one of the items that will help you advance through the cave and gain access to the time travel village. Since there's already lots of maps in this cave system, I didn't want to make this one too big or advanced. Instead, it's just a regular room, with some random decorations, serving one purpose: to house the chest you're after!


Walls & Floor

Some basic greenery, stairs & chest

Decorative statues & wall decor

Items added with the editor

Finally: some decorative flowers!

Process GIF with some additional steps :)

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  1. Taking time off to spend Christmas with your family?

    I demand a refund.